Veteran's Day...

Posted by Wesley Kolbe on

11/11/21 Veteran’s Day.

I am not a Veteran. This is not my Day. It is not a “day off”.

Will I remember whose Day it is and why we recognize Veteran’s Day?

Some would say the country is more divided than ever:

Majority vs Minority

Law vs Lawless

Rich vs Poor

Rural vs Urban

Democrat vs Republican

Conservative vs Liberal vs Progressive

Old vs Young

Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

Secularist vs Isolationist

Religion vs Religion vs Non-Religious

Immigrant vs Natural Born Citizen

The list could go on indefinitely, but what matters is the discussion, the debate, the choice. As Americans we have the UNIQUE ability to be ourselves, define who we are and express ourselves freely.

I take it for granted, you take it for granted. We get lost in the hustle of daily life and in the fight for what we believe that we forget millions have given up their choice, their youth and their life for the freedom that is America. The freedom that gives us the ability to have a choice.

Veterans did not give up their beliefs, but they did give up their freedom of choice. Veterans put American Freedoms above their individual freedoms and gave all for their country. Some make it home, some do not. 11/11/2021 is for those that made it home. It is their day. Remember that. So put aside what divides us, Thank a Veteran, your freedom depended on them.

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