Classis Car Tips – How to keep an aging car running

Classis Car Tips – How to keep an aging car running
If you’re reading this, you love your car. And you want to keep it as long as possible. But as the mile count ticks up, things inevitably run down. To keep the car on the road, you need to be proactive. Here are some ways to prolong your time behind the wheel. Regular Greasing This is a tip the majority of car-expert publications will highlight, including Popular Mechanics and Kelley Blue Book among others. It’s also something we’ve mentioned before, but it bears repeating. Every moving part needs proper lubrication, not only for longevity – but for survival. The more wear and tear, the more often parts need greasing. So as you continue to increase your mile count, remind yourself that your increasing friction of ball joints, etc., and as they get older, they need more help to run smoothly. You can check our complete least of lubrication and greasing products to help you do this at home. Flush your cooling system Among the myriad of thoughts that go along with preserving your aging car, coolant can come as a secondary thought. But it shouldn’t. Hoses that transport engine coolant work very hard. They carry fluids that can exceed 240 degrees Fahrenheit (Popular Mechanics/Demere). Because of having to live in this high-pressure environment on a regular basis, they need serious maintenance. If you can’t remember the last time they were replaced – now is probably a good time to get that done, both your coolant and heater hoses (Popular Mechanics/Demere). Keep tabs on your brakes Brake fluid attracts moisture, causing components to “corrode and fail” (Kelley Blue Book). Experts recommending bleeding your brake system every one-to-two years. General Maintenance One of the easier ones to follow for “car people.” You typically have an internal clock of when you’re due for an oil change or other things of the sort. But being sure to keep up with these things is important, especially when you’re dealing with all of the additional fixes needed for a car that’s been around the block. Cosmetic tips Consistency. For starters, don’t let your car go too long without a wash. The necessity various depending on the climate you live in, but – of course - allowing dirt to build up makes for more difficult removal. This goes for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. To keep your car looking young from the outside, wax every six months (Kelley Blue Book). In this case, quality goes a long way. Buy the good stuff. ** Many these things can all be DIY friendly – but if you’re struggling, call a local mechanic. A surefire way to shorten your car’s lifespan? Doing one of these steps wrong.

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