How to Grease a Crane Boom, 5th Wheel Plate, or Open Slideway

How to Grease a Crane Boom, 5th Wheel Plate, or Open Slideway

How do you apply grease to a large open surface that needs lubrication? Well, the lubrication industry has provided 3 solutions, 1 of which is the clean and clear answer to the problem of greasing things like crane booms, 5th wheel plates, and open sideways.

But first, let’s talk about the standard options for doing this type of greasing:

Bad Option 1: Use a rag, paintbrush or paint roller to apply the grease.

Problem: Messy, inconsistent application, wasted grease, and wasted brushes, towels, and rags

Bad Option 2: Use aerosol lubricants to coat the boom or 5th wheel plate.

Problem: It takes a ton of aerosol cans to complete the job and many aerosol lubricants contain thinners and or detergents to help them be able to be sprayed. These thinners and detergents weaken the lubricants’ ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures and lower the lubricants’ stability.

If you have tried either of these methods, you know how much grease they waste and how much of a mess is created. The secondary issue is that both options create the need for more consumable products—rags, brushes, aerosol cans, etc. These take up space and eat away capital that could be allocated elsewhere.

Luckily, the right option was developed by MATO and Lube-Shuttle® some years ago and has been adopted as the recommended method by OEMs such as Manitowoc and Grove. Ease of application, uniform application, and low to no waste are all reasons the Lube-Shuttle® LubeJET- ECO is the right tool for greasing crane booms and large open surfaces.

The Right Option: Lube-Shuttle® LubeJET- ECO

Why it’s the right solution: Lube-Shuttle® LubeJET- ECO utilizes thread in grease cartridges where 99% of the grease is used, meaning — 0 waste. Additionally, the LubeJet ECO is fully adjustable. Adjust the spray pattern, grease volume, and airflow to ensure that the right amount of grease is being applied and that the grease coverage is uniform.

Lube-Shuttle®: LubeJET-Eco

LubeJET-ECO is the answer to all the shortcomings of aerosol lubricants. Simply thread in a lube-shuttle® cartridge with the type of lubricant you need and start!

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  • No rags
  • No aerosol cans
  • No mess
  • No waste
  • Easy cartridge change

Sounds great right, but how do you grease those booms that require internal lubrication? Or how can you get into tight spaces? Do you need a ladder to get close enough to grease the boom? Well, the answer to all of these questions is the biggest advantage of the LubeJet ECO. Lube-Shuttle® makes a lance kit that can be quick-attached to the LubeJet-ECO.

LubeJET-ECO Lance Kit

Spray lances set for LubeJet-eco with safety quick-coupler.

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The quick attach spray lance kit includes a 20-inch, 30-inch, 4ft, and 90-degree lance. Simply quickly connect to the right lance for the job and start greasing. All the lances are stainless steel, so they are corrosion-proof, easy to clean and built to last.

Let’s face it, innovation in the grease industry has been lacking for the last 100 years. Products are LubeJet-Eco and the entire lube-shuttle® product line is finally solving some of the problems facing grease application. Oh—1 last benefit. The grease tube being used in the LubeJet-ECO can be taken out and stored or used in a Lube-Shuttle® pistol grip, lever handle or electric grease gun. This means one boom lube has to be kept on hand, not tubes, buckets, and aerosol cans.

All you need is 1 boom lube in a lube shuttle® cartridge and the grease guns for easy delivery. So, reduce your inventory, eliminate the mess, and get a LubeJET Eco and the lube-shuttle® system for your crane or construction company.


Wesley Kolbe

At the helm of AET Systems, Wesley Kolbe merges tradition with innovation to provide top-quality lubricants and unmatched service, ensuring every client's machinery runs at its best.