New Distributor Spotlight: Lang Equipment LLC

New Distributor Spotlight:  Lang Equipment LLC

Lang Equipment

2 Locations: Wausau, WI (715) 298-6600 Brands they carry: Lang Attachments, Polaris, Branson, Bad Boy Mowers, Echo, Lowe, Yanmar, Avant, IHI, Shindaiwa, AirTec, Lube-Shuttle website: Marshfield, WI (715) 591-7774 Brands they carry: Lang Attachments, Branson, Bad Boy Mowers, Echo, Lowe, Yanmar, Avant, IHI, Shindaiwa, AirTec, Lube-Shuttle website:

What You can expect at Lang Equipment

Walk in the door at either Lang Equipment location and you'll find yourself in a showroom full of quality products. While much of the Wausau location is focused on their Polaris dealership don't let it fool you. They have plenty of compact tractors and Bad Boy Mowers to chose from and you'll feel confident knowing you'll only be purchasing the product that is right for you. At the Marshfield location, you'll find the showroom is full of Bad Boy Mowers, Branson Tractors, Yanmar Tractors, as well as Shindaiwa Off-Road Vehicles. They also produce their own line of attachments in Marshfield!

However, regardless of the location, you can be sure you will have great customer service. This is one of the first things we noticed about Lang Equipment- - They are committed to their customers. They work with your budget and your lifestyle to ensure that you are getting the right mower, tractor, or recreation vehicle for your situation and do so at a fair price. Their great reputation for customer service is one of the reasons we approached them to carry our Airtec and Lube-Shuttle brands!

AirTec and Lube-Shuttle Products

Lang Equipment stocks all Lube-Shuttle Grease, AirTec Grease Guns, and accessories and replacement parts for the grease guns. If you have never seen or used a Lube-Shuttle Grease Gun get ready to be impressed! No messy springs, plungers, leaking grease, air gaps or headaches. Simply Thread in the Lube-Shuttle Cartridge and start greasing!

Down the road, they will also be carrying AirTec Fuel Additives to make sure your equipment starts in the winter or in spring after sitting all winter long. Wagner and Airtec supply the top ethanol and fuel stabilizers t the antique car industry in Germany, so trust us, you won't have any problems!

So whether you are in need a Rugged Bad Boy Mower, a dynamic compact tractor or attachments be sure to stop in at Lang Equipment! And hey, while you are there, why not take the headache and mess out of greasing! ;-)

Wesley Kolbe

At the helm of AET Systems, Wesley Kolbe merges tradition with innovation to provide top-quality lubricants and unmatched service, ensuring every client's machinery runs at its best.