Off-road Vehicles Feature Jeep in Top Picks

Off-road Vehicles Feature Jeep in Top Picks

Off-road vehicles enable you to adroitly handle all types of terrain. The following autos are considered some of the best in the off-road category.

One fo the Top Off-road Vehicles – The Jeep Grand Cherokee – Overland

The Overland model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee maintains the spirit of the 4×4 Jeep while showing off its off-road agility. This year’s model features 18-inch wheels and monochromatic paint. The luxury off-roader also comes with heated seats, an Alpine sound system, and leather dash.

One of the Top Off-road Vehicles - Jeep Grand Cherokee - Overland

One of the Top Off-road Vehicles – Jeep Grand Cherokee

While the vehicle has a number of luxury amenities, the Overland is also equipped to handle backroads with ease. The four-wheel drive system on the vehicle permits drivers to navigate all types of terrain. Therefore, the auto adjusts to sticky, slick, or muddy surfaces. You can choose from a 184-horsepower, 2.4 liter engine or a 271-horsepower 3.2 liter V6 engine. Drive trains are available in a 4×2 or 4×4 design.

Jeep Wrangler – Rubicon (The Hard Rock Edition)

If you are an off-roader, you will appreciate this Jeep Wrangler. The Rubicon package includes hardware in the form of a 4:1 transfer case (for slow-speed crawling) and a swaybar disconnect feature that frees up the vehicle’s suspension when the Jeep requires extra flex. So, if you want to get your wheels muddy, this vehicle is the one to choose.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is synonymous with off-roading experiences. So, this is one of the off-road vehicles to consider if you like to navigate tough terrains. The Cruiser features a 5.7-liter 381-horsepower V-8 engine as well as an independent front and axle rear suspension. The suspension is part of Toyota’s kinetic dynamic suspension design. Therefore, the suspension permits more movement in slow-speed and off-road conditions. As the vehicle accelerates, the suspension displays less flex.

The Cruiser also comes equipped with crawl control. In addition, the vehicle features a system that breaks the rear outside wheel on narrow trails. However, for these kinds of conveniences, you also have to pay about twice the amount of the Cruiser’s counterparts.

The Ford Raptor

The Ford Raptor is one of the off-road vehicles that deserves its reputation as a desert terrain vehicle. When it debuted in 2010, no other SUV or truck could surpass the truck as a desert runner. It is still true today. The stout and terrain-friendly Raptor features a 411-horsepower, 6.2-liter V-8 engine.

However, it’s the wide-track suspension and giant tires that make the Raptor perform well in dirt. The independent and rear suspension system on the truck is designed to supply almost a foot of wheel travel per corner. That is double of what is featured on a regular pick-up truck.

That means the Raptor’s suspension system and shocks make the truck adept at handling off-road surfaces at higher speeds. While the focus may be on acceleration, the vehicle can also slow-crawl, if necessary. Be prepared to get sand kicked in your face as the F-150 Raptor can take on any desert terrain.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

This sleek-styled SUV shows how the Range Rover continues to upgrade its performance using the latest in technologies. Drivers can design a vehicle with lighter weight transmissions for better efficiency as well. The Terrain Response® on the vehicle and Hill Descent Control® feature give drivers added off-road capabilities.

For example, the Terrain Response® system enables a driver to choose from grass, snow, gravel, ruts, mud, or sand settings for additional traction. The auto has also been tested for off-road performance at such proving grounds as Dubai’s deserts and the ice-clad terrain of Arjeplog, Sweden.

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