AirTec High-Class Micro-Ceramic Oil Additive 1 Liter

AirTec High-Class Micro-Ceramic Oil Additive 1 Liter

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HIGH -CLASS Micro-ceramic lubricating oil additive works with all conventional, semi- and fully synthetic engine and gear oils. It is a selected combination of the most modern high-tech solid ceramic lubricants, making it a world leader in ceramic additives.

HIGH-CLASS Micro-Ceramic reduces friction as solid micro-ceramic particulate fills microscopic pores in the metal, creating a ceramic on ceramic lubrication film. Provides protection for 35,000 miles!

  • High-Class Micro-Ceramic Oil increases fuel efficiency as it reduces friction, running noise, and wear.
  • Compatible with all commercial mineral, semi- or fully synthetic engine and gear oils
  • Extends service life, resistant to high and low temperatures, and stable under high pressures
  • Not for use in bypass filters or automatic transmission oil
  • Made in Germany

Q: Where can I use this additive?
A: AirTec Micro Ceramic oil is designed as an engine oil and gear oil additive and can be added to all commercial gear and engine oils. NOT FOR USE IN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS

Q: How much should I add to my engine oil?
A: AirTec Micro Ceramic should make up 5% of the total oil volume. For example: Use 1 250ml AirTec Micro Ceramic for 4-5 quarts of engine oil.

Q: Does this product use moly additive?
A: No, AirTec Micro Ceramic uses hexagonal boron nitride as an extreme pressure and temperature additive.