Wagner Rust Converter Works !

WAGNER Rust Converter

Wagner Rust Converter works well in situations when physical derusting is too time consuming or restricted by the space being derusted.

Whether you are starting a minor or major restoration you know that removing rust is going to be a big part of your project and take up a lot of your time. So you may be wondering what options are available to reduce the time you will spend removing rust. Well, that is exactly what we are going to discuss. Depending the severity of the rust there are several different alternatives to physical rust removal methods like sanding or sandblasting. Some DIY methods/products involve using vinegar, citric acid, and or molasses, but while these methods may work on light flash rusting or flake rust they often produce hard to remove byproducts or fail to penetrate deep seated rust. For theses reason we recommend a commercial rust remover/converter and of these products we recommend Wagner Rust Converter. Why? Because Wagner Rust Converter Works! Over the next few weeks we are going to look at Wagner Rust Converter and test it on different types of steel and varying levels of rust. In today's video we use Wagner Rust Converter on a moderately rusted piece of sheet metal, which simulates the results we see when derusting or restoring rust fuel tanks. Check out WAGNER Tank Restoration Kits here! This is a time lapse video taken over 4 hours using Rust Converter diluted 5:1 with water.
You can clearly see the rust slowly be removed and replaced by a dark phosphate layer. Once removed from the solution the piece of steel would be ready to be painted after being washed with acetone. As seen in the video most of the rust was removed/converted in the first hours, we left it in longer to get a nice dark phosphate layer and ensure that all deep seated rust was converted and neutralized. Stay tuned for future videos and posts!

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