Grease & Accessories

AirTec® grease is a premium German brand that is focused on quality. Their fluid lubricants are specially designed to keep engines running smoothly and reliably. The specially made formula contains a high-quality base oil that can be mixed with special additives to produce excellent results for your application.

As this is a German product it has been produced to the highest quality and safety standards. This means you can be confident you will receive a top quality product that will work in the best way possible.


Grease Gun Accessories

Improve your equipment with a Lube Shuttle heavy duty grease gun kit. The revolutionary thread in cartridge eliminates the mess, wasted grease, and headaches that normally come with greasing. This German-made grease gun will deliver time and time again without frustration.



When it comes to lubrication of roller and friction bearings under extreme pressure load shocks and vibrations, you can trust Airtec grease. Airtec Grease is designed to embody maximum protection in varied climate conditions and temperatures.