AirTec DPF Cleaner

AirTec DPF Cleaner

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Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) can be the cause of a lot of diesel engine related problems.  DPFs are used to catch soot particulate and prevent the particulate from being emitting from the exhaust.  The problem is that over time DPFs can become clogged and will need to be replaced before engine is unable to run correctly.  The average replacement cost for a DPF is $2000 to $4000.   AirTec DPF Cleaner was designed to provide a cheaper, alternative option.  Routine use of AirTec DPF Cleaner will keep the DPF clean by allowing the soot to be burned up completely during regeneration.


  • Effectively allows soot to be burned out at relatively low temperatures
  • Cleans the DPF without the need to remove or replace the DPF
  • Greatly reduces service costs and drastically increases DPF lifespan
  • Save thousands of dollars in replacement costs

Application directions:  Empty entire bottle of AirTec DPF Cleaner into the diesel fuel tank.  1 bottle (300ml) treats 20 gallons of diesel fuel.  DO NOT add entire bottle if less than 5 gallons of diesel fuel remain in the tank.