AirTec Lube-Shuttle® Chisel Paste Grease (10 pack)

AirTec Lube-Shuttle® Chisel Paste Grease (10 pack)

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CHP-1250 Chisel Paste is a high shock load grease designed for use in hydraulic hammers and breaker hammers.  CHP-1250 utilizes a heavy base oil fortified with 10% solids and 2% copper flake that easily handles high shock loads, extreme vibration, and high stress.  This grease will not fail in extreme wet, hot, or marine environments. 

CHP-1250 has a working temperature between -20C and +1100C

The 2% copper flake and 10% proprietary solids protect moving parts from corrosion even when submerged in salt water. 

CHP-1250 is specifically designed to protect hydraulic hammers and Hydraulic Chisels.