Air-Tec HIGH-CLASS Oil Stop/Stop Leak 250ml

Air-Tec HIGH-CLASS Oil Stop/Stop Leak 250ml

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Oil Stop repairs seals that are brittle due to normal signs of wear or increasing age. AS internal engine seals are also reconditioned oil consumption due to leaky valve steam seals is lowered and blue colored exhaust fumes are reduced.

Oil Stop contains synthetic based components so there are no changes in oil viscosity. Oil Stop can be used with all standard, semi and fully synthetic oils.

  • High-Class Oil Stop helps recondition seals and gaskets that have dried and become brittle
  • Eliminates oil spots under your car that result from leaky seals
  • Repairs leaky seals in engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steering transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems
  • 1 bottle (250ml) treats 5 quarts of oil
  • Made in Germany

Q: Where can this product be added?
A: This product is designed for engine, gear, and transmission oils.

Q: Does this product affect viscosity?
A: No this product stops leaks by re-hydrating seals that have dried out or become brittle. Oil Stop does not affect viscosity

Q: How often should this additive be used?
A: This additive should be used twice per year to keep seals hydrated and prevent leaks.