Air-Tec HIGH-CLASS Motor Cleaner/Engine Cleaner 400ml

Air-Tec HIGH-CLASS Motor Cleaner/Engine Cleaner 400ml

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HIGH-CLASS Motor Cleaner cleans the oil and lubrication system, removes deposits on pistons and piston ring grooves, and cleans oil pipes, bores, and filters by completely dissolving grime and sludge.  It also prevents varnish formation on hot metals.

For use in all gasoline and diesel engines, manual transmissions, differentials, air compressors, as well as other units with oil lubrication.

  • High-Class Motor Cleaner is approved for use in all gasoline and diesel engines
  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption, removes deposits, and neutralizes harmful acids
  • Increases engine compression, reduces running noise and helps extend DPF lifespans
  • 1 Bottle (400ml) treats 6 quarts of oil
  • Made in Germany

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