Air-Tec Systems Are A Simple Way To Reduce Fuel Consumption

By achieving an almost complete burn, hazardous emissions like soot particulate and unburned hydrocarbons are drastically reduced in the exhaust gas. At the same point the energy efficiency of combustion is improved which results in a remarkable reduction of fuel consumption.

The Air-Tec System is simple in design and easily installed on diesel, CNG, gasoline, or even gas turbine engines without any problem.

Air-Tec Installation Photos

Here are some Air-Tec installation photos from Germany, Peru, the U.S.A., and the Netherlands. Don’t see a picture of the machine or engine you are looking to install the Air-Tec System on? Email us or give us a call! Most likely we’ve installed a system on the machine you are looking to install on and the picture just didn’t make it to this page yet. But if you do have a machine we haven’t installed Air-Tec on before–we’ll have a picture for you right after we install a unit on your machine!


Construction Equipment Test Results

From Caterpillar to Hitachi to John Deere to JCB to Peterson to Liebherr to Komatsu, we have tested the Air-Tec System on all kinds of heavy machinery. Wondering about test results on a machine not listed below? Contact us and we will be happy to send you specific Construction Equipment Test Results! Not all of our data has made it to the website yet.