Construction Equipment Test Results

Caterpillar 345D

One of the first pieces of equipment that we tested Air-Tec on in America was a Caterpillar 345D Excavator.  The excavator was digging in a clay pit loading haul trucks and using on average 11.51 gallons of fuel an hour.  

On a Sunday when the job was shut down, our installation team installed a Air-Tec System ATS 12-24V System. The next week the machine averaged 10.08 gallons per hour!  The excavator continued to average around 10.43 gallons per hour the rest of the job (about 3 months).  The total savings at the end of the job was $3,601.5 !

Air-Tec on Cat 345D

Here are some of the test parameters:

  • Air-Tec on Cat 345D
  • Air-Tec on Cat 345D
  • the excavator was digging in the same material and compaction
  • each day the same number of trucks were hauling, so the excavator had a consistent work load
  • fuel was purchased from the same supplier, so there was no change in fuel quality
  • all fuel consumption data was tracked using the telematic system VisionLink

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Peterson 4710B Grinder

We have tested Air-Tec on many different types of machinery, but one of the most memorable was  the installation on our first Peterson Grinder.  The 4710b model is equipped with a Caterpillar C18 Engine at 765 horsepower, the fuel consumption-36 gallons per hour!  

Fuel testing on this massive machine was difficult because the feed load varied, the type of material being processed changed, and the machine had to be moved several times throughout the day further complicating the testing situation.

However, one day while re-grinding tree bark, we had a optimal testing situation, and we decided that we would allow the machine to run 4 hours without Air-Tec installed and measure fuel consumption using the onboard IQAN System. After 4 hours we would record all data and install the Air-Tec System and run the machine for another 4 hours, and then record and compare the data from when Air-Tec was On and when it was Off. The results were tracked by the hour for each 4 hour period and clearly show the improvement made by the Air-Tec System.

Hour 1. 34.9 gallons

2. 36.6 gallons

3. 35.7 gallons

4. 36.5 gallons

Average Consumption: 35.9 gallons/hour


Hour 1. 32.5 gallons

2. 34.0 gallons

3. 35.7 gallons

4. 34.1 gallons

Average consumption: 34.07 gallons/hour

A savings of 1.83 gallons per hour!!

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