For over a decade, the Airtec brand has had a reputation of high-end performance, excellent quality, and reliable products. Airtec’s additives provide a fast clean of the engine, removing carbon build up, keeping engines free-flowing. This not only reduces harmful emissions but also ensures fuel efficiency through a cleaner burning engine. They also contain lubricants which improve combustion, reduce wear and protect against corrosion in the fuel system.


High Performance Fuel Additives

Airtec High Performance Fuel Additives are a great way to improve both the efficiency and performance of an engine. Most engines will run more efficiently when they are clean and free of deposits, and this is where Airtec Fuel Additives can help.


Oil Lubricants & Additives

Better fuel economy. Longer engine life. Lower operating costs. That’s what you get with Airtec oil lubricants and additives. Whether you have a diesel or gasoline engine, there’s an oil that will meet your needs.