Sealing Kits & Accessories

Wagner, the leader in quality auto care products, provides an extensive line of sealing kits and accessories for your car and truck. Wagner produces superior quality sealants to protect your car or truck from leaks, cracks, and corrosion in order to preserve its value.

In addition to keeping your vehicle performing at peak performance, buying Wagner also helps you save money by preventing expensive repairs that can lead to costly insurance claims. These sealing kits also help owners overlook frequent maintenance visits which saves them further time and money.


Tank Sealing Resins

Leaking water tanks are a waste of money and resources because they lose a lot of water that could be saved. Recognising this, Wagner has developed Tank Sealer, which is a resin-based epoxy product for small leaks in fibreglass water storage tanks.


Fuel / Gas Tank Sealing Kits

No matter what the application, Wagner Automotive Tank Sealing Kit offers a complete solution for the long-term coating of sheet metal, plastic and aluminium tanks.


Rust Removal

WAGNER has introduced a new way of doing things that’s making rust removal a snap! WAGNER Rust Converter makes it very easy to remove rust from those hard-to-reach places around your home or office.