About AET Systems, Inc.

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AET was a dream, an idea, that turned into a passion, and then a passion that through hard work and sacrifice became a reality. I guess you could say AET is what I have always thought an oil company should be.

We provide the best products from around the world, we push lubricant technology forward, and we will only provide you with the RIGHT lubricant. We aren’t a “one size fits all” oil company.

Our Story

Growing up on a small town farm in Central Wisconsin I would never have guessed that AET would grow to extend its reach across the Earth, but today, that is the reality. We have a network of customers, partners, and support companies spanning the globe and every resource we have we extend to our customers. We understand individual needs, small business needs, and global needs, but more importantly, when you do business with us you will understand our commitment to your needs and your success.

— Wesley Kolbe President, AET Systems, Inc.