Summer is Coming: Summer driving Tips

Summer is Coming:  Summer driving Tips
In central Wisconsin spring is an exciting time of the year. The farmers start working the soil, the sound of motorcycles again fill the streets, runners and walkers again put foot after foot to the freshly thawed paths, and everyone starts talking about heading to the lake and catching some sun! However, as everyone takes, again, to the roads it is important to remember to drive safely! Take into account all the added hazards that summer driving bring about-----road construction, farming machinery, increased freight and oversized loads, increased number of pedestrians, bikers, runners, and motorcyclists. Normally when we think of summer driving we assume travel will be safer, but looking at the increased hazards it may be just the opposite. So we're here to remind you to slow down, check your tires, change your oil, and make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape! We found a nice short little article that addresses safe summer driving tips at So take a look and make sure your vehicle is ready for smooth summer travel!

Wesley Kolbe

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