Lube-Shuttle®: LubeJET-Eco
Lube-Shuttle® Lube-Jet Eco
Lube-Shuttle®: LubeJET-Eco
Lube-Shuttle® Lube-Jet Eco

Lube-Shuttle®: LubeJET-Eco

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Welcome to the Future. It's Cleaner, Greener, and More Efficient!

Aerosol Lubricants are expensive, hazardous, hard to dispose of and limited in application. LubeJET-ECO is the answer to all the shortcomings of aerosol lubricants. Simply thread in a lube-shuttle® cartridge with the type of lubricant you need and start!

No hazardous chemicals or propellants are required for use and the user is able to switch types of lubricants by simply changing tubes. No need for 5 different aerosol lubricants and application is extremely easy, especially on crane booms, sliding rails, and cables.

The adjustable spray pattern and volume allows the user to apply the right amount of lubrication without under greasing or wasting grease.    

Advantages: - Tremendous cost savings - Adjustable spray volume and pattern - Easy to recycle/reuse cartridges - Easy to change the type of lubricant being applied - Eliminates waste and hazardous chemicals such as solvents and propellants.  


Q: What is the main use for the LubeJet?
A: LubeJET is a spray greaser designed for applying grease on extending booms, slideways, open gears, or gib ways.

Q: Does LubeJET require an air supply?
A: Yes, LubeJET requires a continuous supply.

Q: Are they variable settings?
A: Yes, LubeJET has a variable spread patten, spray width, and variable grease application volume.