5 Ways To Keep Your Grease Gun In Tip-Top Condition

5 Ways To Keep Your Grease Gun In Tip-Top Condition

Grease guns are very handy, but they’re also aggressively handled, so it’s important to keep them in the best shape possible.

They need care to be efficient. Here’s how you can do that.

Proper, regular cleaning

Emphasis on proper and regular. They’re relatively delicate objects and serve a crucial maintenance purpose, so you can’t skimp on the cleanly care.

Clean your grease gun after each use with a dry cloth. It can be difficult to tell if it’s still greasy right away – so once you’re done, set it down for a bit wash your hands, and come back to test it.

It’s also not a bad idea to clean it off before you use it for a task as well.

Consistently test grease flow

You have a grease gun to make lubrication easier, so continually checking to see it’s flowing properly is important. It’s also a safety precaution, because if flow is inconsistent, that can cause you problems during a task if you’re suddenly seeing a different level of pressure than you’re used to.

Test he nozzle before each use by squirting grease onto a rag.

Keep tabs on moving parts

Your gun surely gets a lot of use, and the wear and tear can impact the trigger and grease barrel. Before and after each use, double check those moving parts to make sure they’re clean and functional. If they’re not working well, avoid using the device until you can fix the problem.

It’s important to know your grease gun well, so when there are inconsistencies with these moving parts, you can pick up on them quickly and not let the issue linger.

Safe Storage

Grease guns should be kept horizontally in a cool, dry location. Following up with the last tip, make sure all moving parts are aligned while stored. Don’t just toss the gun on a shelf. Depressurize the device, and cover with a cloth to prevent dust buildup.

Pump Care

Whether you’re using a piston pump or air powered grease gun, keeping them working smoothly will help increase their lifespan. For air-powered guns, air pressure needs to be consistent and maintained.

Specifics can be found in your grease gun’s instruction guide.

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