Is a Battery Operated Grease Gun Better?

Is a Battery Operated Grease Gun Better?


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The quick answer: no.

Grease guns are an essential part of anyone’s tool kit. Whether you’re greasing your car or lubricating a door hinge, there is always need for grease. However, not every grease gun is created equal. The two most popular types are manual grease guns and battery powered grease guns; each with their own pros and cons.

When it comes to grease guns, it’s all about preference, what you’re greasing, and your budget.

Additionally, although “battery-powered” may lead you to think otherwise, they’re not always more powerful than manual grease guns. So, if you’re looking for power, be sure to carefully compare the psi and maximum pressure capability.

What Is A Battery Powered Grease Gun?

A battery powered grease gun utilizes an electric motor and battery to dispense grease. Although an electric grease gun works the same a manual one (utilizes a simple piston pump) the amount of physical work done by the operator is very different.

Unlike a manual grease gun, a battery powered grease gun is powered by electricity, not human force. This means it doesn’t require any pumping or manual effort; it will electrically pressurize and release the grease as needed. All the operator has to do is press the trigger.

Battery powered grease guns can be useful when your hands are full, when you need to grease multiple parts or when you’re in a confined space.

Battery powered grease guns can hold many different lubricant types, including calcium, aluminum and lithium (FYI — there is no such thing as red lithium). If you choose a quick-priming battery powered grease gun, you can usually work more quickly.

Benefits of Battery Powered Grease Guns

The biggest advantage of a battery powered grease gun is its ability to prevent user fatigue.

So, if you have a long job ahead of you, or you know you’ll be working on multiple vehicles, a battery powered grease gun may be the way to go.

It will also help you get the job done faster. Again, these will be more expensive than a manual gun.

Battery powered grease guns are also able to withstand cold temperatures effectively, which means you can use them in cold weather. Some manual grease guns become hard to operate while wearing winter gloves, but not electric grease guns.

Additionally, battery powered grease guns are more suited for experienced users. Why? It’s not as easy to tell how much grease you’re applying, whereas with a manual gun, you have more of an idea because you’re physically pumping the lubricant into the necessary fitting.

Some of the cons of battery powered grease guns include a charge time, decreasing battery life over time, and the price of the batteries.

When it comes to the best battery powered grease guns, they’re able to get the job done without all the hassle and time commitment of manual options; but if you are on tight budget or just have small greasing jobs a manual grease gun may be the right option for you.

Beware of cheap battery powered grease guns, while the price may be right, they may not generate enough pressure or not be very durable. The last thing you want is a grease gun that doesn’t work!

Best Battery Powered Grease Gun

When it comes to the best battery powered grease gun the clear winner is the 18volt AccuGreaser by Lube-Shuttle®.

The 18volt lithium power system gives this grease gun a ton of battery life and pumping power. It generates over 10,000 psi! Making it the right choice for greasing tractors, loaders, and all other kinds of farm and construction equipment

But what really separates Lube-Shuttle® from a DeWalt or Milwaukee electric grease gun is that the Lube-Shuttle® grease gun is MESS-FREE.

It doesn’t leak, get air gaps, or waste grease-it uses 99% of the grease in the tube! In fact, Lube-Shuttle® system is recommended by professionals and DIYers like Tractor Time with Time, Ask Tractor Mike, Good Works Tractor, and Wranglerstar!

Check out the reviews here.

Are Battery Powered Grease Guns Better?

Whether you choose a battery powered grease gun or a manual grease gun really depends on the type of project you’re working on and your personal preference.

Manual grease guns offer a great low-cost solution for small jobs or occasional greasing.

If you opt for a battery powered grease gun, that’s great too! They’re especially useful if you have a long project ahead of you or expect to be working on multiple vehicles throughout the day–less fatigue means better results.

Ultimately, the best type of grease gun is the one you like using. Your grease gun is one of the most important tools in your toolkit, so it’s important to find the right one for your needs.

If you have any questions about battery powered grease guns, you can always contact our shop to learn more about what type of grease gun is right for you.


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