Convert Auto-Lubers and Standard Grease Guns to use Lube-Shuttle Tubes

Convert Auto-Lubers and Standard Grease Guns to use Lube-Shuttle Tubes

Do you have a Dewalt, Milwaukee, or other brands of grease gun that uses standard grease tubes, but you want to convert it to Lube-Shuttle® tubes? If so, you are not alone. While these grease guns may be good, they continuously leak grease, get air gaps, and make a mess because they use standard grease tubes. Lube-Shuttle® will solve every one of these issues, but do you really need to switch grease guns, or can you just modify your current grease gun to take threaded tubes?

Here are the facts:

  1. Do companies sell “adapters” to make a Lube-Shuttle® tube thread in a standard grease gun? Yes.
  2. Do they work? No.

There is much more to a Lube-Shuttle® Grease Gun than just a threaded interface. For example, the piston pump in the grease gun is sealed by O-rings that create a vacuum to pull up the grease out of the tube, standard grease guns do not have O-rings.

Notice the O-ring (black rubber seal) in the image on the left (Lube-Shuttle® Grease Gun). Now, look at the image on the right (all other grease guns), there is no O-ring and therefore no seal. While we’re looking at these images you might also notice that the Lube-Shuttle® is drop-forged and solid construction while the standard grease gun is a cast piece that is porous and much more brittle than drop-forged aluminum.

Think of it this way—You can’t make a Nissan a Bentley by putting a different sticker on the side. So, while we do get many people who want to convert a Milwaukee, Lincoln, or Dewalt grease gun to thread in tubes the reality is that these grease guns aren’t made for it and lack crucial components.

If you are ready to switch to thread in grease tubes and leave the mess behind our recommendation is to sell your old grease gun and use the money to buy an original Lube-Shuttle® product guaranteed to work!

My Autoluber Uses a Thread in Grease Cartridge can it be Converted to Lube-Shuttle®?

Lube-Shuttle® is the only mainstream thread in grease cartridges, however, there are different threads in cartridges made for automatic greasers. These include Lincoln Cartridges, FUCHS Cartridges, and Rammer Lube Tubes.

These grease cartridges are commonly found on hydraulic hammers, which require specialized Chisel Paste Grease. No worries these can easily convert to Lube-Shuttle® cartridges simply use one of the following adapters:

  • FUCHS to Lube-Shuttle®
  • Lincoln to Lube-Shuttle®
  • Rammer Lube to Lube-Shuttle®

The male end o the adapter will thread into the auto greaser while the female end of the adapter is for the more readily available Lube-Shuttle®. One of the main reasons people want to adapt is because Lube-Shuttle Cartridges are widely available, even in specialized greases like chisel paste. Check out CHP-1250 Chisel Paste Grease.

AirTec Lube-Shuttle® Chisel Paste Grease

CHP-1250 Chisel Paste is a high shock load grease designed for use in hydraulic hammers and breaker hammers.

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Steps for using a Lube-Shuttle® Adapter

  1. Remove the cartridge from the auto greaser that you will be adapting to LS.
  2. Clean the threaded area of the auto greaser being sure to remove any grease. This is crucial as leftover grease on the threads could cause the adapter to loosen over time.
  3. Test fit the adapter and LS cartridge to ensure enough clearance.
  4. Apply Teflon tape or Teflon paste to the adapter where it will thread into the auto greaser. Teflon tape will help ensure a positive fit and prevent leaks or air from being sucked through the threads.
  5. Thread the adapter into the auto greaser and use a pipe wrench for seating the adapter thoroughly in the auto greaser. Do not over-tighten the adapter.
  6. Thread in the Lube-Shuttle® grease cartridge and get to work!

Lube-Shuttle®: The Most Adaptive Greasing System

The Lube-Shuttle® Greasing System is the most dynamic grease solution available. While traditional grease tubes and grease guns could only be used for greasing zerk fittings the lube shuttle® cartridge can be used in spray greasers, grease guns, caulking-style guns and auto greasers. Here are some of the applicators and where they are used:

  • Pistol Grip Grease Gun: Hobby Farms, Homeowners, ideal for routine greasing of small equipment.
  • Lever Handle Grip Grease Gun: Construction and large AG equipment where high pressure is needed to grease large pins and bushings.
  • AccuGreaser 18V Lithium Greaser: Construction, AG, Manufacturing, and everywhere a high volume of greasing is done!
  • LubeJET ECO: Revolutionary spray greaser that makes grease crane booms, slideways, and large open gears a breeze!
  • LubeShot: Caulk style applicator that is perfect for greasing open gears, filling gearboxes, or greasing 5th wheel plates.
  • Auto Greasers: Typically mounted on machines that see heavy and consistent use in the mining, trucking, or construction industries.

Final Words!

While you cannot adapt a standard grease gun to use Lube-Shuttle® the Lube-Shuttle® system is highly adaptive and can be used to cleanly apply grease in just about every situation on the planet. It is the ideal greasing system to meet all of your needs and reduce waste, costs, and environmental impact.


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