The Best Gift Ideas for Tractor Owners

The Best Gift Ideas for Tractor Owners

The holiday season is starting—Its practically here! I am confounded; time is running out. Stores are crowded. Shelves are beginning to clear what to buy a person obsessed with their John Deere?!

Luckily for you, that is the only attempt at poetry we will ever make. But the attempted poetry does highlight two very good points:

It is hard to buy gifts for people who own and love tractors

“I will buy them something for their tractor” sounds like a great idea, right? So, here’s the problem. Buying attachments, accessories, and upgrades can be expensive, brand and model specific, and some can require professional installation.

Best Gift Ideas for Tractor Owners

Crap, its’ not going to be as easy as originally thought. You need to find something that will work for the tractor model the person owns, doesn’t exceed your budget, makes owning a tractor easier, and doesn’t require professional installation.

Panic sets in when you are looking for that perfect gift and the shelves start to get a little empty

You thought it would be easy, but you found out there is more to buying “something” tractor related, and now to make matters worse, options at the store are running low.

You begin to panic and suddenly you are considering a “she thinks my tractor is sexy” or a “real women drive tractors” shirt. Stop. Take a deep breath, you don’t have to go down that road, we are going to help you find some sure-fire gift options.

Gift Ideas for Tractor owners

You need gift options that are going to be useful, appreciated, and fit your budget (and make you look good! I know that’s not what gifting is about, but it kind of matters, right?!”). So, here are some guaranteed great gifts sorted into price categories.

Tractor Related Gifts Under $50

  • Apparel hats and gloves are the most practical
  • Wagner Universal Ceramic Spray and Chain Lubestop the squeaks with this high-quality all-purpose lubricant. This is a gift that will get used and can get used on everything!
  • Magnetic Tilt gauge. A tilt gauge is a magnetic level that simply magnets onto a tractor dash and shows how much a tractor is tilting. This great gift helps show the operator when they are on too much of a slope and at risk of tipping over.
  • Cleaning supplies-window cleaner, dash wipes, plastic protectant—all great gifts with practical applications.
  • AirTec Frostline -40 Diesel Fuel Anti-gel-perfect gift to make sure the tractor keeps running all winter long! Must have for every tractor owner in an area that experiences winter!!

Tractor Related Gifts Between $50 and $100

  • Lube-Shuttle® Homeowner Greasing Kitperfect starter kit for lawn mower and compact tractor owners. Kit includes everything needed to grease mess free! Recommended by Good Works Tractor, Tractor Time with Tim, and Ask Tractor Mike!
  • Personalized metal sign art. Example: “Kennedy Creek Farm”
  • Collectible toy tractor. Buy a collectible model of a tractor a parent, grandfather, or relative owned. These make great keepsakes that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Tractor cover. Does the tractor sit outside or inside? Tractor tarps make great gifts to protect a tractor from dust, weather, and bird droppings.
  • Block heater-check with the dealership and see if the tractor has one already. A great gift in cold weather climates.

Tractor Related Gifts Over $100

  • Hobby Farming Greasing Kit. The original lube-shuttle® pistol grip grease gun with a case of grease that is rated for tractors and farm equipment. This is the top-rated product from Tractor Time with Tim, Ask Tractor Mike and Good Works Tractor!
  • Light bar. Tractors are notorious for having subpar lights. An LED light bar is a great option for improving visibility at night!
  • Oil change gift card. Call the local dealership and get a gift card for an oil change, service call, or complete service.
  • Tractor-mounted toolbox. A toolbox that mounts on a tractor is a great accessory for any tractor owner.
  • Rear weights. Compact tractor performance can be improved by adding weights to the rear of the tractor. There are a lot of options online or from your local dealer.

Well, did we make it easier? Put down the “tractors are sexy shirt” and get the tractor owner in your life a gift they really need. Maybe it is a personalized farm sign, a Lube-Shuttle® grease gun (these are a great gift because traditional grease guns are a pain in the butt. They leak, make a mess, and rarely work), or maybe a service call from the local dealer.

All these gifts are going to leave that tractor owner in your life smiling! Happy holidays from all of us at AET, if you have questions, please call 833-366-6377. We are here to help!


Wesley Kolbe

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