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AirTec Micro Ceramis

Extra Protection and Performance: Searching for Additives that Work.

“This is my 2012 Yamaha R1 and I know whoever owned it before set it up for track days. The dealership where I purchased the bike said they would make sure it would be ready for me to ride, but after picking the bike up I noticed the oil was very dark, and the oil filter looked old. I brought my concerns up to the sales team and they said the bike was as is. The bike runs very well so I know it’s been taken care of. I think the dealership was being cheap and trying to save money by skimping out on the little things here and there since the had to replace the tires and battery. So I I knew I needed to service the bike myself. It being a 2012 with high mileage, I decided to change the plugs, oil, oil filter and clean the air filter. Then I thought I should do something to protect the engine as best I could. I started researching oil additives and ran across ceramic treatments.”

“I called and spoke to a few different companies, but something didn’t seem to resonate with what I was looking for. So I kept looking and found AET System’s AirTec Brand. I called and expected the same results. The person I spoke to name was Wes. He made sure I that had all the technical data and reassured that the products I was considering on ordering would work for my bike and that the results would be noticable. So I order the engine oil treatment, fuel treatment, and chain lube. At this point, I had owned the bike for 6 months so I knew how it ran.

I have to admit that I was skeptical. He said after about 160 to 200 miles I would feel the difference. So I added all the treatments. First. I noticed my bike required less throttle to ride like I was used to riding. I also began to notice my gas mileage improved. With the Ceramic Chain Lube, I noticed that I don’t hear the clipping sound coming out of my chain anymore. I have to say that I am very happy with the products! I also noticed the change in the sound of my bike, it sounds like I have more compression also the neighbors tell me the bike actually sounds different. My bike actually feels like a new motorcycle! All I can say is thank you very much, Wes, I’m glad I brought the products. Truth be told if you think the products are a gimmick buy it and after 160 miles I’ve promise you-you’ll have a smile on your face! I know I did. I love my r1 and I definitely feel a love with the products that I bought. Thank you AirTec from Elias!!.”

“I remember the first time Elias called, he had recently talked with other producers of ceramic products but felt a little uncomfortable with what they had been saying. Most companies will tell you–“Yeah, you can use a friction reduction product with a wet clutch” however, the truth is that clutches rely on a certain amount of friction to work properly so you do not want to reduce the friction. You want to reduce the wear. As Elias and I spoke I knew he was a bike enthusiast and knew what he talking about, we outlined what I thought would be the best products for him and told him we would stay in touch after he ordered.”

“Well, it didn’t take too long and I heard back from Elias, he was ecstatic, and I knew he was seeing results that he maybe didn’t expect. See, that is the problem with our industry, there are a ton of products that have great marketing but are low quality and generate zero positive effects—these products have really given the industry and the word “additive” a bad reputation. We are the opposite, we believe in quality products and that the results will market the products for us.

I personally look forward to working more with Elias, customers like him are what make my job, well, not a job. Ride safe!!” -Wes

Wes Kolbe

Wesley Kolbe

At the helm of AET Systems, Wesley Kolbe merges tradition with innovation to provide top-quality lubricants and unmatched service, ensuring every client's machinery runs at its best.