AirTec Grease: Li400 Extreme Duty Grease

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LI400 grease series represents a pinnacle in lubrication technology. Crafted from meticulously refined paraffin base oils and fortified with a potent blend of extreme pressure, anti-wear, rust, and oxidation additives, LI400 stands as a testament to unparalleled protection across a spectrum of heavy-duty applications. Renowned for its exceptional shear stability, LI400 maintains its optimal consistency, ensuring prolonged equipment longevity even amidst extended lubrication intervals.


Comparison to other AirTec Greases

The AirTec family of lubricants features many different types of greases ranging from standard multi-purpose greases to highly specialized ceramic additive greases. They cover a wide range of base oil weights, thickeners, and temperature ranges and out of all the greases, LI400 is the top-performing grease in terms of temperature rating and wear protection.

It features a heavier base oil than the G200, which gives it better durability in high use/heavy applications. Li400 uses a lithium complex thickener, specialized pressure additives, and a medium base oil viscosity in tandem with a specialized polymer for maximum adhesion.

Thickener:                 Lithium Complex
Base Oil:                    Mineral
Texture:                     Tacky
Dropping Point:        545 F
4-Ball Weld:              400 kgf
4-Ball Wear:              0.51 mm
4-Ball LWI:                 59 kgf
Timken OK Load:       65 lbs
Base Oil Vis. @ 40C:   143.2 cST


  • Best Extreme Protection Grease
  • Premium Lithium Complex Thickener
  • Specialized additives easily handle Extreme Pressure 


  • Lawnmowers
  • Ag equipment
  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Construction Machines
  • Industrial Machines
  • Recreation Machines
  • Wheel Bearings

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Q: What is the temperature rating of this product?
A: The drop temperature of LI400 is a minimum of 535 degree Fahrenheit. However, the ceramic additive in LI400 provides lubrication well over 1000 degree F

Q: What is the makes this product an extreme duty grease?
A: LI400 features a drop temperature over 500F and has a weld load over 800KG, which makes LI400 an excellent grease for the most rugged applications.

Q: What is the benefit of the ceramic additive in this grease?
A: The temperature rating and pressure rating are further enhanced by the ceramic (HBN) additive in LI400 which has excellent metal adhesion and coating properties.

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