AirTec Grease: MoS2 5% Moly Grease

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MOS2 is a lithium complex thickened grease formulated with 100 % virgin base oils, an optimized extreme pressure / anti-wear additive system, corrosion protection and oxidation protection additive packages. MoS2 is also fortified with a synergistic 5 % solids additive system that provides maximum EP and anti-wear properties.

In addition to the 5% moly it also contains corrosion inhibitors, polymers for better metal adhesion, and anti-oxidant additives that make it a great all-around grease for a wide temperature range and high-pressure situations.

Technical Data

Lithium Complex
Base Oil:                                        
4-Ball Weld:                                  
800 kgf
4-Ball Wear:                                 
0.52 mm
4-Ball LWI:                                    
145 kgf
Base Oil Vis. @ 100C:                   
16.8 cST
Base Oil Vis. @ 40C:                     
245 cST

Applications: Heavy industrial applications are subject to high heat, loads, shear, and water conditions. Mining / Construction applications of hitch pins, shackle pins, bushings, kingpins on buckets, excavators, shovels, and loaders. Slack Adjuster for over the road trucks.

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Q: What is the recommended use for this grease?
A: Compact tractors, landscaping equipment, farm machinery, construction equipment.

Q: Is AirTec MoS2 a MOLY grease?
A: Yes, MoS2 is thickened with Lithium Complex and contains a 5% molybdenum additive for added pressure protection.

Q: Does AirTec MoS2 work well in wheel bearings?
A: MoS2 is designed for high pressure application in pins and bushings making it ideal for tractors, loaders, and construction machinery, however, better greases exist for wheel bearings.

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