AirTec High-Quality Engine and Transmission Oils

AET Systems, Inc. is proud to offer a full line of engine oils, transmission oils, gear oils, and hydraulic oils. At this point, we do not offer this product line for retail, only bulk sales, and private label. Contact directly for quotes, questions, and/or comments.

While our current focus for retail in the United States remains on High-Performance Ceramic Additives, Fuel Additives, and AirTec Lube-Shuttle® Grease and Grease Guns you can be sure our full synthetic engine oils will meet and exceed every international specification!

A little about Our Refineries

Wagner Oldieoel (WAGNER Industries) leads the industry in providing the proper lubricants for antique, classic, and modern cars.

WAGNER, founded in 1994, has been producing specialized lubricants for over 20 years, and when Vintage Car owners want the right oil for their car, they go to WAGNER. Made in Germany using only the highest grades of oils and ingredients. WAGNER Industries is able to supply all your oil needs ranging from SAE 10 up to SAE 250!

All of our oils and additives are of the highest quality made in our own facilities from our own products.

WAGNER lubricants and additives may not be the cheapest on the shelf but are well worth the price because you can have peace of mind knowing you will get the most hours/miles out of your vehicle. In only 20 years, WAGNER Industries has developed one of the highest reputations in Europe. Those seeking the highest quality oils at reasonable prices come to us.

Specialized products for all of your needs! In our archives, we have lubrication charts for vehicles ranging from present day all the way back to the First World War! Having such a large database is one of the reasons Wagner Industries is Germany’s oldest and most trusted brand for specialized lubricants for classic cars.

Our Products include: Diesel oils, single range racing oils, solid lubricant oils, greases and pastes, antifreeze agents, fork and damping oils, gear sealing agents, gear inside cleaner, fluid grease for gears, gear oil, gear oil for automatic transmissions and limited slip differentials, HD oil (alloyed), hydraulic oil, anticorrosive grease, anticorrosive oil, fuel supply system cleaner, cooling lubricants, copper paste, leather care, fuel-economy gear oil, fuel-economy oils, long-life oils, multigrade racing oil, multipurpose grease, mineral oil, engine sealing agents, internal engine cleaner, engine oil, multifunctional oils, neutral cleaner, Bright Stock, oil additive, gear oil for classic cars, two-stroke oil for classic cars, oils, racing oils, rust protection, rust converter, rust protection for tanks, tank sealing, technical sprays, fuel additive, unalloyed engine oils, veteran racing oil, fully synthetic racing oil and of course two-stroke oil.

Almost all kind of engine and gear oils of different alloying and even unalloyed oils are available, ensuring that really EVERY vehicle gets its correct lubrication. WAGNER is a partner of the classic car scene. Our specialists are present at nearly all big trade shows or used parts markets.

However, classic cars are not our only specialty; we provide lubricants for all vehicles including buses, motorcycles, trucks, mopeds, historical utility vehicles, tractors etc.

If for a special use case, we do not stock the right lubricant – we will come up with a solution. Describe your problem – and we will find a solution. That´s promised. As some cars do require specialized oils or rare oils, WAGNER Industries does deliver mixings in small quantities according to our customer´s wish.